Does your school-aged child miss coming to playgroup?

Do you miss the regular English-language reinforcement now that s/he is in school?

Would you love to bring your preschooler to playgroup but you have nowhere for the older sibling to go?

If any of these questions describe your family and you have Thursday afternoons free this fall, why not come and try out our newest group, the English Playgroup Stuttgart’s Kid’s Club!


What age group is this for?

Kid’s Club is intended for children who are now attending primary school (Grades 1-4). Former playgroup members and English-speaking families new to the area with children ages 6-9 are both welcome to join.

What is the purpose of Kid’s Club?

In addition to answering the questions listed above, the goal of Kid’s Club will be to introduce and reinforce as much English vocabulary as possible using activities, games, books and crafts.

When will the new group meet?

The EPG Kid’s Club will meet at the same time as the Mixed Preschooler group on Thursday afternoons at our Stuttgart-Vaihingen location. Parents with younger children attending the 3-6 year group can now bring their older children along and drop them off at the Kid’s Club for those two hours (15:00 – 17:00) while they attend the preschooler group with the younger sibling.

Parents who do not have a child in the younger playgroup are welcome to stay and help during Kid’s Club or to hang out upstairs in the sitting area.

 Who will be leading Kid’s Club and how much participation is required from parents?

Kid’s Club 2012-2013 will be run by playgroup veteran Emily Born, who will prepare and lead most of the activities with the kids. Unlike the regular playgroups, parents will not be required to prepare crafts or activities, although they are welcome to do so! Families may be asked to gather and bring supplies for their child as needed (for example, one week everyone may be asked to bring an empty jar or a paint shirt to the group).

What kind of things will the kids be doing?

Each month we will work on various activities, games, reading and crafts related to a theme. Unlike the younger playgroups, we will not have a singing circle. We will have a regular snack time and try to get some outdoor time in whenever possible.

Hopefully by sticking to one theme for a whole month, our kids will have the chance to learn and retain the related English vocabulary.

Will there be a lot of reading and worksheets like in “English School?”

Not at all; we hope to keep our group play-based and fun! After being in school for hours, the last thing we want to make them do is more work.

Do we need to be able to attend every week?

No, we understand that with the busy schedules of school-aged children, sometimes families will only be able to come every other week or so. This is another reason we will work on one theme for a whole month.

How much will it cost?

Families will be asked to pay membership fees of €25 each semester (two semesters per year) to help with room rental costs.

We’d like to join, how do we get started?

Please fill out the contact form below to receive more information. We hope to see all our friends there!