About Us

In our family-centered playgroups, parents and children meet once a week to share songs, crafts, stories and snacks in an English-only environment. Because Mum or Dad remains during the entire session, there are plenty of opportunities for children to hear English from native speakers.

We currently meet twice a week in Stuttgart-Vaihingen.

Mondays from 10:00-12:00
Babies & Toddlers
 (birth to age 3)
Children starting German kindergarten before the age of 3 are welcome to join our Preschooler group

Thursdays from 15:15-17:00
 (ages 3 to 6) + younger siblings
Members are welcome to remain in the preschooler playgroup until they start primary school

If your children fit into two different age categories, it is recommended that you attend the older group. Younger siblings are always welcome to tag along with the older kids and take part to the best of their abilities.