Mission Statement

The basic goal of our playgroup is to provide children of native English-speaking parents the opportunity to hear and speak their mother tongue in a social environment.

In the younger groups, the focus is most certainly on the Mum or Dad attending playgroup and many long-lasting friendships are forged in these early years.

For our older children who attend local kindergarten, English often automatically takes a back seat to German, which means that our weekly meetings take on an important role in demonstrating that English is a perfectly normal and accepted means of communication.

Membership Eligibility

Although our playgroup primarily serves the native English-speaking community in Stuttgart, we also accept applications from non-native parents who are raising their children bilingually and speak English at home.

All members must be willing and able to speak only English during the entire two-hour weekly playgroup meetings and the children are actively encouraged to do the same.

If your family would like to join our playgroup, please fill in the form on our Contact page to receive further information.